About Renapharma

Renapharma is a family company with roots firmly anchored in scientific research. It all began in the 1980s with Bo G. Danielson’s striving to improve life for his renal failure patients at the Academic Hospital in Uppsala. Until then, they had been dependent upon blood transfusions for their survival, but research soon showed that it was iron deficiency that was causing the patients’ acute anaemia. By adding iron to their diets, patients were able to benefit from treatment, maintain stable production of red blood cells and rid themselves of their anaemia. 

The insight that iron is indispensable for a good quality of life sparked an interest and a passion in Bo G. Danielson. He devoted his life to research in order to be able to offer patients a safe iron formula that the body can tolerate without allergic side effects or potentially harmful oxidative stress. In an effort to help even more patients, he started Renapharma in the year 2000, while continuing his tireless work conducting clinical research on iron.

Today Renapharma is a family-owned pharmaceutical company operated under the leadership of CEO Caroline Danielson and Kristin Danielson, who is currently researching iron metabolism at the Karolinska Institute. Together we manage Bo G. Danielson’s valuable legacy by continuing to advance and spread the science of iron and iron deficiency – a condition that afflicts two billion people around the world. Through comprehensive scientific studies and trials, we are developing medications, dietary supplements and medical technology in order that we may benefit society through long-term improvements to people’s lives and health.

Caroline Danielson

CEO Renapharma

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