Dialogue and innovation

By combining scientific dialogue, knowledge, and innovative technology, Renapharma wants to provide healthcare with innovative and quality products in pharmaceutical, health food, and medical technology.

This is what Renapharma can provide today:

  • Detremin – Treatment with vitamin D in oil
  • SiderAL Forte – Iron supplement with efficient absorption that is easy on the stomach
  • Curebits – Flexible tablet storage with an elaborate design and accompanying app

Renapharma is currently represented in the Scandinavian market. We continuously assess new markets and products.

Pipeline, research, and development projects

Renapharma currently has six products in the pipeline for launch within the next five years.

Joint-Ventures projects

At Renapharma, we continuously evaluate new business ideas. If you have a business idea in healthcare that you’d be interested in launching or developing in collaboration with Renapharma, you’re welcome to contact us.