Stockholm – 2018
For care – through care. At the Academic Hospital in Uppsala, in the 1980s a will was born within my dad, Professor Bo G Danielson to improve the life of his kidney patients. When the code on how to create EPO artificially was discovered in the 80’s, many thought that anemia in kidney disease was a mere memory. However, the good atmosphere was rapidly transformed to confusion, as the effect of EPO was only temporary. After a while, it became clear that it was an essential building block that was missing, namely the iron.
The insight that iron was indispensable in anemia treatment led to Vifor and the combination of the hormone protein EPO, and intravenous iron caused his kidney patients for the first time to continue to produce red blood cells and lose their anemia. The possibility of reaching more patients with this knowledge, and continuing to conduct clinical research became the launcher for Renapharma.

“Everyone wants to research the latest cancer preparations, but nobody understands the importance of the basic elements – what role iron played not only for kidney patients but for everyone”

Bo G Danielsson Uppsala 1987.

At the death of my father, we chose within the family to drive the company spirit and knowledge further. And since then, knowing about the iron’s benefiting health effects for all the body’s functions and the desire to provide the body with nutrition, with indispensable minerals and vitamins, has created our path.
Today, we not only manage the knowledge that I and my family have accumulated since our childhood at the dining table concerning iron, but through market responsiveness, research and collaboration with influential people in medicine, we have expanded our therapeutic areas. Today we offer products that strengthen the individual in several therapy areas, Vitamin D for example.
By researching, training, developing, launching and establishing new brands, we hope to strengthen and improve the lives of you and your close relatives.

Best Regards,
/ Caroline Danielson and family, VD